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Why Do I Care So Much About The Gaming Community?

by “The Main Event” Bill Wright


Seems like a simple question with a simple answer. “Oh, I love games so I should want everyone else to love it, too”. If it were that simple this wouldn’t make for a good blog topic because this would be the end of this entry.

Yes, that’s a big part of it. I have been playing games for as far back as I can remember. Gaming isn’t just a hobby, it’s truly a part of who I am. The communities are a bit different. Back in the day the community kind of didn’t exist. You played with your friends and that random person that stood next to you in the arcade and that’s about it. In my childhood, that was just the way it was until dial up Internet happened.


I say dial up for a reason. Stay focused people. The way of sharing knowledge went from picking your friends brains to just reading message boards and FAQs. No longer was it about growing together, it became a game of patience to see who would really sit there and wait 20 minutes for a page to load. The winner of that “game” got to show of a piece of knowledge whether it be game codes, new moves, hidden modes, etc. That was cool and all but then the Internet decided to step it’s game up and we got high speed Internet.


With high speed Internet, we went from showing off to friends, to showing off to the world (thanks YouTube, we owe you one). Also, with this came the great rise of online gaming. Yes, I know there were online games before high speed but let’s be serious. It wasn’t glamorous until we made the jump. This brought the end to many arcades and the sitting-next-to-a-buddy experience but it opened up a doorway to an endless amount of possibilities.


Insert why I care so much about communities. I feel like we haven’t taken gaming to the limits as players. Most of this comes from the fighting game community but this can apply to just about any community. So many players now save technology for the benefit of just one person. I get it, you want to win and all but to me you are holding everyone else back. Your tech, ideas, or theories could be expanded by so many people in so many more ways than one person could think of. This is how you explore every part of gaming and as a whole we end up as the best gamers we can be. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of your advantage but you need to look at the big picture. The coach part of my name (CoachBill3 on PSN) comes from me helping other players at tournaments and sessions. I was an open book and it helped so many players become better. That in turn made me feel better about my wins as well as my loses. At the end of the day, I wanted to win because I was the better player and if I lost I wanted to lose to a better player than I was or at least the better player that day. My message to you is to do your part in helping everyone get better. Share your knowledge just as often as you take in knowledge and keep an open mind. This is an outlet, an art form, a hobby, however you want to label it. Just let your mind go and enjoy what you can come up with. Put your ideas out and watch them grow with others. If we all get on board with this as a whole we can all be the best gamers possible. Lets usher in this new generation of gaming with the best version of gamers. We expect the best from our sixty dollar purchases so lets do our part. Hopefully you enjoyed my first blog.


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