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Wes De’s Box Art Review



Let’s look at Phoenix for the Atari 2600. Just look at the box art……it’s totally badass… You have robotic phoenixes shooting missiles out of their talons, epic battle explosions surrounding a sinister looking base housing a “Golden” Phoenix in it’s center, and to top it off, this is happening in space. Not just any part of space but a solar system never before seen by NASA’s best deep space probes. One can see an Earth like planet, while three other celestial bodies act as its moons, and what beautiful moons they are. One is red like our Mars (surface must contain high amounts of silicon). The smaller greenish planet must be comprised of heavier elements (tungsten, copper, iron, etc.). Which might explain why the armies in this wondrous world have the resources to construct giant robotic war Phoenixes. The last moon is a gas giant, which must reflect beautiful sunlight in the night sky. I can envision a wife kissing her husband goodbye. Both of them basking in the glow of the gas giant moon, she lets go of his hand as he walks away to climb into his giant robotic war phoenix. When he’s in battle he’ll look at the same moon and hope she’s looking at it too. It’s splendor only matched by hers. I can’t take this waiting any longer. Let’s pop in the cartage and experience the amazing universe of Phoenix!

phoenix3……Damn it.

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