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The Absence of Creativity

by Martin G.


Growing up in the 90’s was awesome, as many of you know. We were introduced to some of the best music, games, and toys any kid could ask for. Beating out the decade before and after the 90’s. Regarding entertainment, this would usher in some of the most imaginative and creative ideas the world could dream of.

All this and still an amazing thing would happen; kids would go outside and play. Playing with my friends outside every day until the sun went down. From running backyard to backyard fighting off Rita Repulsa’s monsters as the Power Rangers, to hiding in the forest while playing army with the whole neighborhood. It was these interactions that would set the foundation for a new generation’s ooo’s and ahh’s of creativity.

Today, however, the creative springs that were full of promise and excitement are not what they once were. As I drive through neighborhoods these days, the amount of times I can recall seeing kids playing outside is slim to none. What will this mean for the creativity and imaginations of the next generation of games that we play?

The point I’m driving at here is that as kids we were given these great things (shows, toys) to help develop and cultivate our imaginations and push us all to becoming amazing creators. Unfortunately I don’t see that same drive anymore. It’s like a camp fire at the end of a long night of fun, smoldering in the remaining few ashes before completely burning out.

Genuinely new Intellectual Properties (video games) are coming to us few and far in-between. Whether it’s more sequels or worse, blatant rip-offs, we aren’t being challenged “Imaginatively” anymore.

Where has it all gone? Has society truly become this lazy, where we see a “new” game “make it” and suddenly there is a million and one cheap copies of the game being pushed down our throats (Yea, I’m talking to you, Zynga). Are we out of ideas? Where has the pride in our work gone? When did risk become so terrifying that it stops would-be “Trailblazers” in their tracks?

The only potential for a shining light in this darkness is the Indie Game developers. They try there hardest to put out new IP’s and sometimes they get lucky and it slips through the corporate cracks. As far as they are concerned however, as long as the big corporations continue to control the industry with “fan favorites,” we will very rarely see any of the remaining creative geniuses thrive. It’s a sadly reality to think that the Video Game Industry was so worried about the likes of GameStop killing the industry when really it’s the lack of imagination and creativeness coming out of these mega publishers (Activision, Capcom, EA, and many more) that is holding back these little companies from bringing true uniqueness back to video games.

Nevertheless, we will continue our search and continue to buy classics, and even some of the “rip-offs”. Not because we have to have it but because we are simply waiting for that new gaming experience that can transcend time and take us back to a time when it was ok to run around in the backyard with sticks in hand ready to slay the next mighty villain that tries to endanger the world we have sworn to protect.


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