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I Might Not Buy Kingdom Hearts 3


by “Social Media God” KDL! aka Ken L



This is my quote to Bill Wright when it registered in my brain that I was finally seeing a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer/reveal during the Sony E3 conference.  That, my friends, is one totally incoherent way of saying, “I am excited to see this game coming out in the near future. I will be purchasing this game day one, no matter what the circumstance.”


Then why is the title “I Might Not Buy Kingdom Hearts 3?” First, short history lesson about my love of Kingdom Hearts.


A few months ago, you may have heard me on a Newscast begging Square-Enix to make Kingdom Hearts 3. Well, some begging, some demanding.  Like other fans of the series, I have been wanting KH3 since the moment the Key Blade Wars FMV ended.


That was over seven years ago.


I’ve been fooled into playing some of the “tie-in” titles (read “cash in“) such as Chain of Memories and 358/2.  While missing Birth by Sleep due to not having a PSP and Re:coded, which I didn’t even know about. Thanks to our very own Martin G, Dream Drop Distance will be played very soon.


Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 though? Full console experience, none of these handheld spinoffs. What would stop me?


On July 2nd, Square-Enix made a Cloud Strife based limited time offer DLC for pre-ordering Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13. You may ask, “How does a Final Fantasy 7 cock tease for a third Final Fantasy 13 game, of which few people care about, effect you buying your sought after KH3?”  Those three little letters that have been tormenting us since publishers figured out they could get away with it, DLC. Not just any Downloadable Content, but “limited time” pre-order DLC for a game that is more than six months away.


I’ve seen it done with first person shooter maps, with pretty much every Capcom game, and in fact, I’ve seen this done with Final Fantasy 13-2, but it all got me thinking.


What if Square-Enix makes whole worlds DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3? What if it costs me five additional dollars to visit Agrabah? Another five to hangout with Buzz Lightyear and Woody? An extra fifteen to attend Xavier’s School for the Gifted? Thirty to fight on the Death Star? I know many of you would throw money at Square-Enix, but not me.


If any world DLC is announced months before the game launch, I say right now, I WILL NOT BUY KINGDOM HEARTS 3.


This “Will not buy” statement also extends to preorder or announced prior to the game’s release DLC missions played as Roxas, Riku, Mickey, or anyone else. I bring this up because of the Batman: Arkham City’s Catwoman and Robin preorder DLC. The DLC was locked on the disc, so when I borrowed my friend’s copy, I missed some of the story and some of the challenge mode. It was really disheartening to miss content because a developer got greedy.  As a disclaimer, I am okay with the Harley Quinn DLC because it was announced after the game’s release. Though it was a shame that Harley Quinn‘s revenge was only two hours of game play for the ten dollar price tag.


Square-Enix can release all the costume packs DLC they want. Announce it now for all I care, it would not effect the game whatsoever. I just want a full game that I can put in my system at any time and get the entire experience years down the line. If they announce DLC months after the game is out and they already have my initial money, I‘ll probably let it slide like I did with the Harley Quinn DLC. As of right now, my money will be in their pockets as long as I do not see story DLC prior to the game‘s launch.


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