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Fanboys Will Kill Gaming

by Martin G.


Hacks, mods, cheats, stealing, used games, no money. What do these all have in common you, might ask!! Well, let me tell you, these were, at one point or another, accused of killing the video game industry.

Well, my friends, I’m here today to talk about what I believe to be the true death of the industry…..Fanboys!!!

Fanboys are a plague, one that holds on so tight, it sucks every last bit of life out of new projects!!

These egocentric strong-armers cry, complain, and moan over some of the stupidest things on the planet, “What do you mean Dante doesn’t have white hair? Impossible this game sucks!!” Are you frackin kidding me? Seriously? You judge a game that is meant to revitalize a series that is beloved by the masses and you tear it down over hair.

My favorite is, we can have a “Best Game Ever Made” quality game that just so happens to come with a few tweaks to something you’re familiar with and you freak out and bash the game before it even hits stores!!! These are what I like to call the Angry Fanboys.

On the other hand we have the Fanboy Elitists who believe they are the only valid opinion on a subject matter because they’ve “played every game in the series and read all the books!!!”

These specific fanboys don’t only hold themselves to games! No, no, no. They attach themselves to gaming companies, or specific video game outlet. Any and every time that outlet does anything, they must report this to the masses. It must promoted this immediately!!! (This is not the same as word of mouth promoting)

OMG!!! These companies have the ability to do their own promoting.

It’s these fanboys that will kill the industry. They complain every time change happens, which will inevitably lead to more changes that they will continue to complain about. How about we let video game creators create?!! Let them give us the version they envisioned.

How can someone (a fanboy) tell someone else (a creator) that their work is wrong? I’m tired of hearing people say this or that is the best game ever. ***News Flash*** “Ever” is a very long time and I’m sure at some point there will always be a candidate for the next “Best Game Ever”.

Open your minds to the possibilities around you. I want a great Final Fantasy to come out. Will I ever get another? Hopefully, but until then I will not stop buying the new Final Fantasies because how will I ever know when the next great one comes out? Obviously not from the Internet because fanboys will be too angry screaming, “This game sucks! What do you mean there isn’t a spiky haired hero with a huge sword!!!”

I stand firmly behind my likes and dislikes, but do I force you to have my opinion? Absolutely not!! I will always encourage someone to play something I liked, but never would I demand them to feel what I feel for it. I’m simply stating my opinion on the sad state of affairs that is video game fanboys!!! Get down off your high horses and start being helpful, not a bunch of babies!!!!

*Drops mic, walks of stage”

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