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Fanboys Will Kill Gaming

by Martin G.


Hacks, mods, cheats, stealing, used games, no money. What do these all have in common you, might ask!! Well, let me tell you, these were, at one point or another, accused of killing the video game industry.

Well, my friends, I’m here today to talk about what I believe to be the true death of the industry…..Fanboys!!!

Fanboys are a plague, one that holds on so tight, it sucks every last bit of life out of new projects!!

These egocentric strong-armers cry, complain, and moan over some of the stupidest things on the planet, “What do you mean Dante doesn’t have white hair? Impossible this game sucks!!” Are you frackin kidding me? Seriously? More…

The Absence of Creativity

by Martin G.


Growing up in the 90’s was awesome, as many of you know. We were introduced to some of the best music, games, and toys any kid could ask for. Beating out the decade before and after the 90’s. Regarding entertainment, this would usher in some of the most imaginative and creative ideas the world could dream of.

All this and still an amazing thing would happen; kids would go outside and play. Playing with my friends outside every day until the sun went down. From running backyard to backyard fighting off Rita Repulsa’s monsters as the Power Rangers, to hiding in the forest while playing army with the whole neighborhood. It was these interactions that would set the foundation for a new generation’s ooo’s and ahh’s of creativity. More…