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Force Choked


by Alvin Colon

Recently, I went on a mini Twitter rant. It was direct towards EA and Dice regarding the announcement of their upcoming title, Star Wars Battlefront, having a $50 Season Pass, much like Call of Duty or Battlefield. I wanted to wait a bit to write this article because I wanted my anger to subside. $50 is EA attempting to ‘Nickel and Dime’ the consumer to dish out additional money for a game with minimal content.

Let me be very clear with what I’m about to say. I loved the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. I played it on both PS4 and Xbox One. It was the most fun I’ve had with a FPS all year.

Allow me to be even clearer with what I’m about to say next…

I don’t oppose expansions, map packs, season passes or any other type of DLC. I’m not opposed to paying $50 for a Call of Duty or Battlefield season pass. The games have hours and hours of content. I oppose EA and the price of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass. More…

Enter: Final Boss

by Anthony “The Mid-Card from Midgar” Martinez

Which is more fulfilling: Tiny-Human-Sized Final Boss vs. Large-Monstrous-Sized Final Boss?

I ask because for every amazing final boss variant of Ganon in the epic that is The Legend of Zelda series, there seems to always be a video game series that cannot execute a worthy and fulfilling Final Boss Battle. [I’m looking at you, Mass Effect Trilogy].

When playing a video game like Greatest Game of All Time candidate, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you recall a few of the amazing boss battles. The very first boss battle, Gohma, was the largest enemy you have faced until this point and it sets the pace for your expectations for the remainder of the game. More…

Fanboys Will Kill Gaming

by Martin G.


Hacks, mods, cheats, stealing, used games, no money. What do these all have in common you, might ask!! Well, let me tell you, these were, at one point or another, accused of killing the video game industry.

Well, my friends, I’m here today to talk about what I believe to be the true death of the industry…..Fanboys!!!

Fanboys are a plague, one that holds on so tight, it sucks every last bit of life out of new projects!!

These egocentric strong-armers cry, complain, and moan over some of the stupidest things on the planet, “What do you mean Dante doesn’t have white hair? Impossible this game sucks!!” Are you frackin kidding me? Seriously? More…

I Might Not Buy Kingdom Hearts 3


by “Social Media God” KDL! aka Ken L




Why Do I Care So Much About The Gaming Community?

by “The Main Event” Bill Wright


Seems like a simple question with a simple answer. “Oh, I love games so I should want everyone else to love it, too”. If it were that simple this wouldn’t make for a good blog topic because this would be the end of this entry.